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Bringing Machine Learning to Video Ads | Instagram Marches On

Google Brings Machine Learning to Mobile Video Ads

This week, Google introduced Bumper Machine, a machine learning application that allows brands to create 6 second ads from longer video assets on YouTube. The video editing tool is trained to recognize valuable moments in longer formats (e.g. product/brand information, human faces, motion, contrast) and translating them into 6 second videos.

When Google introduced 6 second ad bumpers in 2016, they were keeping the mobile user experience in mind. And currently, marketers continue to spend more ad dollars on mobile video which holds a 31% share in digital video ad spending. According to IAB’s April report, 57% of marketing/agency decision-makers plan to use 6 second ads in 2019, up from 53% in 2018, as one of the most popular video ad formats.

Instagram Usage Grows Fastest Among Marketers

Instagram usage among marketers continues to grow in popularity whether you’re in the B2B or the B2C space. According to a May 2019 Social Media Examiner report, Instagram is now used by 78% of B2C and 66% of B2B marketers worldwide. In fact, this popularity can also seen in media spending. As of Q1 2019, Instagram’s holds a 20% share of Facebook’s ad spending worldwide per Marin Software. According to Quantum Stat’s estimates, Instagram generated a total of $2.9 billion in ad revenue for this quarter.

Interested in Chatbots? 🤖

Quantum Stat’s newest report explores the state of chatbots in the enterprise. Below are the topics we explored…

  • Types of chatbots ranked by functionality.
  • Steps taken to train your chatbot in-house.
  • Top development platforms for creating chatbots.
  • Leading industries in chatbot adoption for customer service solutions.
  • Consumer sentiment of chatbot usage.
  • Challenges with chatbot usage for customer service.