NLP News Cypher | 01.19.20

NLP News Cypher 01.19.20

Towards AI and Infinity And… we’re back! What a week! First, we are happy to announce we are now publishing our weekly blog on Towards AI’s platform💪💪! Happy for this publishing partnership as we intend to bring NLP trends to a more global audience from developers in NYC to business professionals in Hong Kong. And…

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NLP News Cypher | 01.12.20

NLP News Cypher 01.12.19

The Truth Hurts… Perhaps, you can tell me what’s best. I trained a GPT-2 medium model on 18K+ tweets. Connected the model to Twitter’s API. Every 30 minutes it says things – sometimes funny… this is so awesome: #rockets — 21st Century AI Angst (@angst_gpt2) January 12, 2020 In the words of the great rocker,…

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NLP News Cypher | 01.05.20

NLP News Cypher 01.05.19

Where Eagles Dare… “Before the first frost, a brilliant flash of blue-green light lit the snow and reminded us that winter was almost here.” — GPT-2 (1st iteration) It’s 2020, can you believe it? It’s been 19 years since the monolith created a baby in space! sup homie @jmcimula twitter Happy New Year! This Week:…

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NLP News Cypher | 12.29.19

NLP News Cypher 12.29.19

Over the Hills and Far Away Queue the tumbleweeds. T’was a slow week. The holiday slumber has tamed us all. As a result, this week’s Cypher will be on the short end. 😔 First, want to thank all the readers who have emailed saying how much they enjoy Cypher. We have a great time sharing…

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