Highlights from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends 2018 report is out and Quantum Stat examines the hottest trends…

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Smartphone adoption reaching critical mass with 0% shipment growth in 2017 [slide 6]

Internet usage worldwide approaches 50% market penetration in 2017 [slide 8]

Messenger apps grow billions of monthly active users worldwide in the last 7 years [slide 22]

Voice commerce is growing aggressively as Alexa gains 30,000 skills in 3 years [slide 26]

Amazon and Google in competition for customer attention during the product research phase [slide 62]

Social media is driving online product purchases post discovery [slide 71]

Subscription-based services show strong growth supported by increased access and content [slide 81]

Mobile shopping apps session growth is more robust than apps in other industries [slide 84]

Advertising spend correlates with time spent on select channels: Ad spending on mobile devices has more upside left [slide 96]

The complex nature of brand trust and accountability is putting more pressure on the tech giants to monitor their content [slide 99]

Sharing economy companies like Airbnb are applying pressure on the hotel industry with overnight accommodations [slide 124]

Healthcare industry is becoming more digital, especially in digital healthcare management and on-demand services [slide 138]

On-demand work is projected to grow from 2.4 million workers in 2015 to 6.8 million in 2018 [slide 165]

AI data cycle: Data volume = better analytics = better products = more customers = more data [slide 197]

Consumers taking action against data privacy concerns such as deleting apps, altering privacy settings, disabling cookies [slide 206]

China eats internet company market share in direct competition of US companies [slide 218]

Time spent with mobile video and short-form video grows rapidly in China [slides 245 & 246]

Enterprise and customer information flow is more efficient with the help of messaging platforms like Slack and Intercom [slides 273 & 276]

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