Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming Expands to the Enterprise

Live streaming on social media continues to be a hot bed for consumers in the age of digital and companies are also getting in on the fun. According to an IBM and Brandlive study published in January, 78% of brand/retail executives believe live streaming is great way to obtain deeper engagement with audiences. And they are not limiting themselves to social media. The executives noted they are currently using live streaming beyond social, with only 16% saying they will not live stream beyond social in the following year.

Internally, executives say live streaming also augments internal communication among employees aiding in training retail associates and sales reps. Externally, companies are also attempting to engage consumer audiences at the end of the purchase funnel. According to the study, the most common use case for live streaming helped to conduct online sales with 61% of respondents saying they have done it in the past year. For next year, executives say their priority will be to pilot live media and influencer briefings.

Q-Stat du Jour: 62% of US adults watch live online video as of Q1 2018

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