Local Business Shopping

Local Business Shopping, Facebook and the Product Review

Netsertive, a marketing technology company, released new findings on Monday regarding the consumer path to purchase when shopping at local stores. In the past six months, 60% of US consumers have shopped at a local brick-and-mortar vs. 30% who only shop online.

A crucial highlight involves the purchase of last-minute (within 2-3 days) items. Netsertive revealed that the majority of US consumers (43%) prefer not to wait for an Amazon delivery but instead prefer to go their favorite local store.

Additional figures suggest webrooming continues to be a prominent consumer behavior. When consumers were asked about their favorite social media platform to research products before heading to the store to complete their purchase, 43% of consumers prefer Facebook during this crucial research phase. This is a healthy stat for content marketers working with local businesses after Facebook revamped their newsfeed algorithm by favoring local business content.

But what about digital consumer behavior while in-store? Brands have a heightened interest to understand omnichannel behavior, as a result, Quantum Stat surveyed US millennials to investigate the most popular social media platforms when researching products inside the retailer. It turns out YouTube (21%) and Facebook (20%) are neck-and-neck when in-store consumers are researching products. YouTube’s robustness against the social media giant is likely due to the popularity of the product review. As consumers move closer to the end of the funnel, a video review of what they need to buy is a significant must-have for the digital savvy young adult.

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