Martech is still valuable, GDPR was pseudo-hype

New research released yesterday by Walker Sands shows the continued growth in martech budgets for 2019.  A survey of 316 marketing and sales professionals revealed that while investment continues to grow, it is also showing signs of maturation versus previous years with 75% of respondents saying they are satisfied with current martech investments vs. 63% in 2018.

  • According to the report, the rise in ad technology has become a cornerstone in martech adoption in marketing. In fact, the technology is currently the most in-demand among marketers looking for attribution and maximizing their ROI.


The big scare of GDPR came and went but for the most part, there’s been a negligible impact of European privacy regulations on the majority of companies. According to the Walker Sands survey, 48% of respondents believe they had low-level difficulty with GDPR compliance with 1 in 5 saying it was over-hyped. This coincides with other sources such as the March 2019 Adobe & Econsultancy survey of marketers worldwide revealing an uneventful impact by GDPR.