May 21, 2018 Justine Lin

Mobile apps continue to be a staple of success for online shopping. And if an online retailer hasn’t caught up to the app game, they need to. In a new report from Criteo, mobile apps constitute 70% of mcommerce sales. And when segmenting mcommerce conversion rates (buyers/product page viewers) by channel, apps convert a buyer 20% of the time vs. 6% via mobile web – a 3X lift. When it comes to mcommerce sales share by vertical; personal care & beauty and sporting goods lead the way with a 44% and 43% share respectively.

Abandonment and Retention

Mobile app abandonment has also improved over the past few years. Localytics’ platform shows that in 2018, 21% of app users worlwide abandon an app after one launch, lower than the users analyzed in 2015 (25%). When dealing with app retention, 38% of mobile app users launched an app 11 times or more in 2018, an upward trend since 2012’s low of 31%.

So what predicts the loyalty of mobile app users? Push notifications. Localytics showed that retailers need to aggressively recommend an opt in to keep users engaged as 46% of app users using push notifications tend to launch an app 11 times or more.

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Justine Lin

Justine Lin

Director of Marketing