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New Launch and Google I/O Highlights

Quantum Stat’s Premier Platform Launches!

Google’s I/O Conference is underway, and before we discuss the key insights, we are excited to present Quantum Stat’s new intelligence platform, Premier. We have tailored our platform to assist the C-Suite with updates on the latest digital trends, statistics and reporting. 

Our platform is powered by our dynamic reporting feature allowing users to stay updated as new data rolls in. In addition, we’ve included context filters for improved precision when searching our databanks. 🤖

Contact us for a quick intro –> info@quantumstat.com 😀

Google I/O
Google’s conference has the knack for showing us great insight into tech innovation (remember last year’s Google Duplex?). Well the tech wizards have returned revealing their most prolific updates from software to hardware for 2019. Here are the highlights:


Google announced the new Pixel 3a is priced as $399, vs. last year’s Pixel 3 at $799.

Search and Augmented Reality

Google announced it is adding augmented reality to search. A user can place a 3D image and embed the product image over the user’s environment.

AI and Virtual Assistants

Recent NLP advancements such as Google’s Bert language model is beginning to show its prowess at scale: 
-Google’s Live Caption will add text captions to video, using speech recognition automatically.
-Google’s Relay uses speech recognition and text-to-speech for users while they conduct a live call.


Google will allow users to auto-delete their web and app activity information after a defined time across various Google assets:
-Google isn’t looking for any more legal troubles after they were litigated in August 2018 over the storage of users’ location data even after they had turned off Location History.

Smart Home

Google introduces Nest Hub Max, its first smart display with a camera:
-Smart displays will be key for voice commerce to take off with added visual input for product search and purchasing. As of January 2019, 13% of US adults own a smart display according to Voicebot.ai.

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