NLP News Cypher 02.23.20

NLP News Cypher | 02.23.20

Dacă nu riști nu câștigi

If you are wondering what the subtitle means, it’s Romanian. It means this:

How was your week?

Last week we updated The Big Bad NLP Database once more, thank you to Ayman Alhelbawy for contributing!

This Week:

– Los Trends
– The Truth Hurts
– Summarize Me
– Hugging NER
– Hey Neighbor, I’m a Language Model
– Tip of the (Red) Hat
– The Annotated GPT-2
– Dataset of the Week: Dialogue NLI

Los Trends

O’Reilly, the creator of all those books we read, analyzed their online learning platform to gain insight into the most popular trends in tech.


  1. Python is killing it (R.I.P. to R)
  2. Cloud usage is killing it (micro-services and their containers)
  3. Interest in NLP grew+22% in 2019. 👀

Full Picture:

5 key areas for tech leaders to watch in 2020

Our annual analysis of the O’Reilly online learning platform reveals Python’s continued dominance and important shifts in infrastructure, AI/ML, cloud, and security…

The Truth Hurts

The Allen Institute has plenty of demos for you to play with. And recently, one demo caught my eye on Twitter. This model is able to judge whether a statement is true or false based on the conditions you assign it in natural language. According to AI2:

“The ROVER (Reasoning Over Rules) model reads in a new rulebase of natural language facts and rules, and decides the truth value of new statements under closed world (and negation as failure) assumptions.”


Transformers as Soft Reasoners over Language

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