NLP News Cypher | 04.05.20

NLP News Cypher | 04.05.20


When Lex isn’t interviewing AI pioneers in a sullen dark suit, he takes to the Twitterverse to question the physics of intercourse in the vacuum of space.

I got 1 like for this tweet, it was from HAL 9000. How was your week? 😎

We’ve updated the Big Bad NLP Database. We added 38 new datasets, taking the total past 350! Thank you to Tommaso Pasini, Henry Dashwood, Bill Lin, Reid Pryzant , Parth Parikh and Christian Hardmeier for your contribution!

Have a dataset to share? Then, “Break on through to the other side” (a.k.a. please share the dataset by clicking on the “Contact” link on the BBND webpage and sending over the details.)

BTW, we have a surprise for you next week. Stay Tuned! 🧐

This Week:

– Visual Storytelling
– Wolfman Cometh
– Matplotlib Ready for Prime Time
– Decomposition Redux
– Stanza’s Notebooks
– ML Inference on the Edge
– Reinforcing NLP
– Dataset of the Week: ALFRED

Visual Storytellingz

A new model was released recently discussing the topic of visual storytelling via reinforcement learning! What’s visual storytelling?

“given a photo stream, the machine is trained to generate a coherent story in natural language to describe the photos.”

The model, ReCo-RL, is rewarded on “relevant” storytelling based on 3 NEW criteria: relevance, coherence and expressiveness. What’s cool is that this model achieves excellent performance on traditional and the new criteria.

What Makes A Good Story? Designing Composite Rewards for Visual Storytelling

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