NLP News Cypher 04.19.20

NLP News Cypher | 04.19.20


The universe runs on a simple rule, and it could be, that the framework of this rule may be interpreted by computing hyper-graphs. This past week, while a pandemic engulfed the planet, Stephen Wolfram unveiled his vision for what governs our universe, the possible source code that initializes all fundamental laws of physics.

An eerie parallel can be drawn between this week’s event, and what happened in 1665 when another physicist retreated to his childhood home for private study to avoid the plague. The aftermath was the law of gravity and calculus.

Back when I first read Wolfram’s insights into cellular automata (and its consequences on computation) it was fascinating. So when I heard he released his “theory of everything” this week, I was really excited for Stephen and all of physics. I hope it is as fruitful as the theories that stemmed from the mind of that other dude from Cambridge U.

FYI, I have Rule 30 on my business card 😁.
Ricky Costa Business Card

(declassified) cellular automaton Rule 30

The Wolfram Physics Project

A project to find the Fundamental Theory of Physics


Last week I opined on our new demo – RABBIT. If you aren’t caught up, it’s a real-time finance tweet classifier running on two distilled transformers. By real-time I mean it classifies tweets as they stream in, it’s not batch (except for when you land on the page). Best time to experience the demo is during the weekly stock market trading hours. Stream rate spikes around 8:00AM.

For a peek, you can travel here:


RABBIT is a state-of-the-art AI web app that uses transformer models to classify finance-related tweets in real-time.

BTW, we were seeing weird inaccuracies on select topics, as a result, we added an additional 1,000 tweets, retrained the models, and relaunched. On a P100 GPU, this took a total of 45 minutes for data wrangling/fine-tuning 2 models. This is one of the luxuries of modern NLP stacks, fine-tuning SOTA models doesn’t take long.

I have a new surprise release lined up for this week, stay tuned 👀! How was your week? 😎

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