NLP News Cypher 12.29.19

NLP News Cypher | 12.29.19

Over the Hills and Far Away

Queue the tumbleweeds. T’was a slow week. The holiday slumber has tamed us all. As a result, this week’s Cypher will be on the short end. 😔

First, want to thank all the readers who have emailed saying how much they enjoy Cypher. We have a great time sharing with you all what the NLP world has to offer (one week at a time). So Thank You!

Second, in the upcoming weeks, we’ll be taking a couple projects live! Really excited and hopefully these projects will make data capture easier for all developers. (Don’t tell anyone, it’s classified😁😁)


This Week:

Faster Tokenizers for BERT and GPT-2

Living on the Edge

LIGHT: Fantasy Adventure Game

Data Labeling is a Business

From Stanford With Love

Faster Tokenizers for BERT and GPT-2

This is good news for quickening inference time!!

Living on the Edge

If you are brave enough to tame a large AI model on an edge device (aka not in the server), this article is for you. And good news, the Hugging Face peeps have articulated their foray into this issue. Their article covers the deployment of GPT-2 (text generation) on Android devices. They slightly sacrificed output performance (due to model size reduction) for model fitting purposes. I included their GitHub.

How AI progresses into mobile will be an interesting angle to keep track of as the industry matures:

On-Device Machine Learning: Text Generation on Android 📝

At Hugging Face, our goal is to solve and democratize Natural Language Processing (NLP)…

TensorFlow Lite Transformers w/ Android demos

Convert Transformers models imported from the 🤗 Transformers library and use them on Android…

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