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Press Release: AI in Marketing Looks Ahead to Natural Language Processing

NEW YORKJune 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Artificial Intelligence, one of the most talked about emerging technologies, has captured the serious attention of the digital marketer. According to Quantum Stat’s latest report, AI’s deployment is steadily rising among cloud-driven audience insight applications and experimentation with natural language services such as chatbots and personalized product search. The technology continues to proliferate through two avenues: internal processes for the analysis of consumer data, and external processes for consumer personalization. While early adoption has mostly focused on quantitative data, the future of artificial intelligence will rely on natural language applications with the intention of delivering contextual nuance to digital marketing.

“AIs early adoption with quantitative data made sense when evaluating audience insights, but as more digital marketers are looking to make sense of consumer’s data, adoption of natural language processing applications will increase in value over time. In addition, a subset of NLP such as natural language generation could be a game-changer with wide-adoption capabilities in content marketing initiatives, but at the moment, tech is too green for complex customer-facing applications,” says Quantum Stat’s CEO Ricky Costa.

Insights provided in report:

  • Artificial intelligence spending forecasts, by industry
  • How brands and agencies value AI insights
  • Top AI deployment strategies used by data science teams in the enterprise
  • Top methods for using artificial intelligence in marketing
  • Value obtained from using select artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Tips for starting an in-house artificial intelligence team
  • Most used AI algorithms in marketing

The report features data from surveys, digital platforms and interviews from business leaders in the artificial intelligence industry. Access to the report can be obtained with a Premier subscription with Quantum Stat.

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